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Mitel Premise

Grapevine Communications is happy to recommend, install, and maintain your business’s Mitel phone system. The first step is determining which solution is right for your business: cloud, on-site, or a hybrid.

  • Cloud – Mitel offers a cloud based phone system that has flexible, fast deployment. A completely cloud based system doesn’t need expensive servers or other infrastructure. It is best for small and midsize businesses that can change rapidly. You can add lines easily and rely on Grapevine Communications for all maintenance on the system.
  • On-Premises – Some people refer to on-site phone systems as on-premise solution, but that’s not entirely correct. Premise is used in logic as a foundation or assertion to build an argument on. If the premise is true, then the conclusion must be true. For example: if you have a business, you need personalized IT solutions. Premises refers to the building(s) occupied by your business. On-premises solutions offer security and local reliability. These are ideal for companies that can invest in serviers and other equipment that deal with highly sensitive information such as medical, personal, and financial data.
  • Hybrid – If you want the ability to host some servers internally while utilizing the cloud for others, a hybrid Mitel phone system is perfect for you. Businesses of all sizes enjoy the flexibility hybrid systems deliver. It even allows you to test a cloud based system without fully committing all at once.

Still not sure which system is best for your business? Our technicians are Mitel certified and thoroughly trained in different phone systems. Choosing the right Mitel phone system can ensure you have technology tailored to your needs, whether that’s the ability to control data with servers on-site or a cloud based system that is more flexible. No matter the size and needs of your business, there is an appropriate phone system for you. Grapevine Communications can help you install, repair, and maintain your phone system. Call us at 707-395-4110 or email for an appointment. We currently serve Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Mendocino Counties including Healdsburg, Windsor, Cloverdale, Santa Rosa, and Rohnert Park.

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