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Server Networks Santa Rosa

Are you considering server networks for your Santa Rosa business? If you have at least 5-10 employees, it should absolutely be on your radar! Many companies don’t realize how much they’ll benefit from a dedicated server and how it will improve efficiency and support. At Grapevine Communications, we have 15 years of experience providing server design, installation, and repair. Our server repair services are available to any local business, even if they original server didn’t come from us, and we’re always available for ongoing server maintenance to keep it operating at its best.

What are the benefits of having your own server?

Simple: your information will be centralized, making sharing data internally a much more efficient and streamlined process. You don’t have to rely on an outside source to protect and store your information, helping you avoid downtime. Even if you lose access to a specific computer or laptop, all the important details will still be available. Server networks grow with your Santa Rosa business, so if you expect employee growth or additional clients in the future, your server can be upgraded and maintained accordingly. Overall, you’ll see increased productivity, communication, and organization within your company when your employees can easily access all necessary information and software.

Our team offers a full suite of services, from consultation on the new equipment we recommend to meet your business goals to complete IT support. Our server repair services and maintenance are part of our ongoing place to ensure your business is running efficiently so that the way is paved for your success and growth. Some of our service packages include a 24/7 monitoring option for your server network so we can help you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. When repair is necessary, we’ll be there as soon as we can to get you up and running again.

You can count on us to design, install, and maintain the server networks for your Santa Rosa company. As a local business ourselves, we understand what sort of support you need and are here to deliver. Please reach out anytime via phone at 707-395-4110 or by email at

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