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Network Threat Protection Windsor

Network Threat Protection

Network threat protection for your Windsor business is essential. When your employees connect to the internet, the computers in your private network connect with countless unknown networks. Most are secure, but you can be sure that there are hackers looking to get inside your network. A successful attack puts valuable, classified information at risk. It can also slow or even halt productivity and destroy your reputation and brand value. Grapevine Communications offers professional, proactive advanced computer threat protection. We’ll monitor your system to make sure your files and devices are protected and turn away viruses, or other types of malware before they damage your system. We do so much more than just IT! We also offer businesses operations optimization, downtime reduction, and other business measurables.

We have many weapons to deploy to build advanced computer threat protection for your Sonoma County business. We offer vulnerability-based protections that detect and block attacks on your system. Before you can expel threats, you have to be able to recognize them. We’ll set up firewalls that inspect traffic and remove suspicious files. To identify best practices for recognizing and eliminating attacks, we stay up with the latest trends in malware so you can sleep peacefully at night!

Our Recommendation

While we offer full protection from malicious programs or code, we suggest keeping a backup data system. It’s crucial for your information to get backed up in case your server becomes damaged. We recommend automatic backups for your system so there’s no “forgetting” to back them up. If your security is breached, we offer disaster recovery. We can help you get your data back, no matter if you’ve lost it by hacking, human error, malware, or hardware failure.

Besides threat protection, we can also help you with consulting, setting up your IT system, cloud services, cabling and fiber optics, telephone systems, and commercial audiovisual. For reliable, trusted network threat protection in Windsor, call Grapevine Communications at 707-395-4110 or contact us online today!

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