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Network Backup Santa Rosa

Make sure you have a network backup system in place for your Santa Rosa office so you never have to worry about losing essential data or programs. Grapevine Communications, based in nearby Healdsburg and serving companies throughout Sonoma County, is here to support you. Our information technology experts offer installation and maintenance of network automatic backup that will help ensure your business information is always protected and available when you need it. If you have concerns about routine data backup, we can help.

Keeping Your Data Secure

Any business that uses computers and other technology to create documents, programs, or exchange data can benefit from a proper backup system. Doing so means that you’ll always be able to keep a record of important day-to-day activity for your company, including:

  • Client communications
  • Essential data
  • Finances

Your staff may use a variety of devices that require network backup in the Santa Rosa office or offsite, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones. If the device is used to transmit data for business purposes, it’s advisable to make sure there’s a reliable network automatic backup system in place. In the event of a technological issue or even a natural disaster, it can be a saving grace for the welfare of your business.

As a seasoned IT firm, Grapevine Communications has over 15 years of experience in setting up effective networking and backup systems for local businesses, as well as private servers and virus protection. Whether you opt for on-site network backup at your Santa Rosa location or you’d like to look into cloud backup, we can help get you set up and provide ongoing updates and support. No matter what happens, we’ll get you back up and running.

We’re headquartered in Healdsburg and are able to provide ongoing IT support and service to companies throughout Sonoma County. In addition to network backup, we also provide computer and laptop repair, software and hardware installation and upgrades, server installation, threat protection, and more. Our sister company Lavish Automation also provides automation for commercial properties. Please reach out for more details!

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