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Mitel Phone System Santa Rosa

Are you looking into a Mitel phone system for your Santa Rosa company or home office? Grapevine Communications is here to help. You have three options available to you when you choose this updated phone system: cloud-based, on-premises, or a hybrid of both options. With Mitel Premise, it’s often assumed that this always means the Mitel phone system will operate as any other on-site system, but this isn’t necessarily true. Not every on-site system offers the security and reliability that Mitel can. If you work with sensitive client information, this solution may be best for you.

The Right Phone System For Your Business

On the other hand, you may decide a cloud system is better for your business needs. This method is both flexible and fast, requiring less investment because you don’t need on-site equipment or dedicated servers. This option works very well for small to mid-size businesses that may require flexibility due to field work or because they change facilities with some regularity. Cloud phone systems are also ideal for home offices and individuals looking to grow their client base. The final option for your Mitel phone system in Santa Rosa is a hybrid system, which blends the benefits of both choices. Get both the benefit of having an on-site server for more sensitive information while enjoying the flexibility afforded by the cloud system. This option is great for businesses of all sizes. You can also see how you like each element and decide to shift to one or the other completely at a different date. If you have other questions about Mitel Premise, Mitel Cloud, or the hybrid option, let us know and our IT experts will be happy to walk you through the finer details and help you determine which system will best suit your needs.

At Grapevine Communications, we’ve been providing extensive IT service and support for businesses in Santa Rosa and throughout Sonoma County for more than 15 years. Along with our sister company, Lavish Automation, we provide a range of office automation options, including security, surveillance, and lighting. Grapevine is available for 24/7 IT support, consulting for recommended hardware and software upgrades, threat protection, server installation and management, computer repair, and much more. We’ll be happy to install and maintain the Mitel phone system of your choice at your Santa Rosa facility. Please reach out to us today to get started!

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