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Mitel Cloud Phone Systems Santa Rosa

Working with the Mitel cloud phone system in your Santa Rosa office offers a number of benefits and eliminates many of the pitfalls of an on-site networked phone system. Not only are traditional phone systems expensive to install and maintain, they can be complicated to use and cause several crossed wires, both literally and figuratively. With Mitel cloud phones, the process is greatly simplified and many of the issues with outdated phone systems are mitigated.

Why Choose Mitel Telephone Systems?

One of the key takeaways of a Mitel telephone system is that it eliminates the need for a PBX, or private branch exchange. This is the system in many traditional networked phone lines that allows users to switch calls between users locally while also maintaining several external lines. It’s a system that can quickly become convoluted and outdated. Instead, using Mitel cloud phone systems at your Santa Rosa location allows you to use any cell phone as an extension of your desk phone without having to deal with call switching or managing an on-site phone network. It’s highly effective for businesses of every size, including those who work out of home and are trying to grow a small business. The MiVoice system of the Mitel cloud phones is comprehensive and offers a lot of flexibility for communication that include both on-premise and cloud options that support a range of devices. The system is truly versatile and offers businesses and individuals more communication capability than previously thought possible. You’ll never be tethered to a desk phone again!

Grapevine Communication has been providing excellent IT support and services to the Sonoma County area for the past 15 years, as well as office automation services from our sister company, Lavish Automation. In addition to installing Mitel cloud phone systems for our Santa Rosa clients, we also offer packages including ongoing 24/7 support, computer installation and repair, networked phone lines, cable installation, audiovisual system setup, virus protection, and a variety of other information technology services. We will be happy to discuss the full extent of our services with customers anytime. Let us help you communicate better and faster!

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