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Exchange email server Santa Rosa

Considering an Exchange email server for your Santa Rosa office? Grapevine Communications is here to help. The Microsoft Exchange email server was created to offer a secure method of accessing email for business employees that also offers access to text, SMS, calendar, and other communications options in order to improve workflow and comms throughout the office. However, we’ve found an alternate solution in AppRiver’s exchange email service, which is simple, affordable, and efficient. This server gives you all the benefits of Microsoft without the expense of managing an in-house mail server.

We love this system because it offers you email without any hassle, synchronization with your mobile devices, and numerous other benefits. This exchange email server is an ideal solution for Santa Rosa businesses who need reliable email service but don’t have the funding or size necessary to invest in their own on-site server or a dedicated IT staff. This is what Grapevine is good at – offering all of the qualified IT professional support you need along with services that might be out of your reach until your business reaches a certain size. This option is affordable and easy, and offers all the benefits of a Microsoft exchange email server without the additional cost or hassle. The fee is affordable and parsed on a by-mailbox scale, giving you plenty of flexibility for growth. You’ll have unlimited storage and the convenient ability to add or remove users as necessary, and the award-winning spam filtering service SecureTide is already embedded in the system. It’s a win all around.

In modern business, mobile devices and smartphones are routinely used on the go or while working remotely, and these devices are easily incorporated into AppRiver’s service. Everything is synchronized across platforms, giving you easy access no matter where you are. You’ll also enjoy optimized internet access that allows for faster downloads, better security, and fantastic reliability, all without needing your own dedicated server.

We’d love to set up a free 30-day trial of this exchange email server at your Santa Rosa office. There’s no obligation – try it out and decide if it’s the right choice for you. If the answer is yes, it’s simple to switch you to a per-mailbox fee plan. Reach out to Grapevine Communications today to get started!

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