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Commercial Lighting Control Windsor

Is that steady, unending glow of fluorescent lighting draining your office of energy and productivity? Are you constantly battling the sun and dealing with an environment that is always too dark or too light? Grapevine Communications provides commercial lighting control for your Windsor business that promotes comfort, efficiency, and ambiance. We have provided Sonoma County businesses streamlined solutions for their information technology for over 15 years. As a division of Lavish, our business lighting control can save energy-cost, enhance comfort and convenience, increase output, and improve safety and security. Our highly skilled team members are experts in designing and installing office lighting control that will move your business boldly into the 21st century!

Commercial Lighting Control

You can save money and energy by balancing daylight and electric lights using smart office lighting control. Energy is further saved by automatically shutting off unneeded lights when clients and staff leave a room empty. These incremental savings add up and work for a variety of sources including fluorescent and LED lighting.

Benefits To Commercial Lighting

Business lighting control, though, is more than just turning the lights on and off. If you own or operate medical offices, set your waiting room lights to warm and welcoming while allowing bright lighting in surgical or examination rooms. Similarly, bars and restaurants can control the lighting throughout the day and night, heightening your customer’s experience. You can monitor everything from a central location, regardless of the size of the operation—from a small office to an entire campus. By optimizing lighting, your business can be more safe, secure, and profitable!

Is it high time for commercial lighting control for your Windsor business? We are dedicated to helping you with business-focused IT solutions and can help you with more than just lighting. We streamline systems, optimize operations, reduce downtime, and deliver measurable business value. Whether you’re looking for threat protection, backup systems, network management, surveillance systems, commercial AV or conference room setups, call Grapevine Communications, the go-to IT partner for Sonoma County businesses, at 707-395-4110 or contact us online today!

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