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Make the move to dedicated business email for your Santa Rosa business today to achieve better productivity among your staff and better authority among your clients. Using a secure email service provider for your business emails is an easy and affordable process, one that we’re happy to facilitate here at Grapevine Communications. We use AppRiver’s exchange email server to offer our clients hassle-free email service through a Microsoft exchange email server. This is an easier and less stressful solution compared to managing in-house email servers.

Your Secure Email Service Provider

What are the benefits to switching to a dedicated business email server for your Santa Rosa company? There are several, in turns out. These dedicated services are more reliable than third-party email programs that are subject to a much larger company’s ebbs and flows. These services are typically reliable enough for personal use, but when it comes to business, the best way to avoid as much downtime as possible and ensure you’re able to access your necessary services is to rely on a dedicated server for your business. A secure email service provider can offer local server access with much better reliability and utilizing a service of this nature will save you a great deal on expensive equipment and having to hire your own full-time IT maintenance staff. Depending on the site of your company and how many emails you need, you’ll save a lot through paying a simple monthly, per-mailbox fee for unlimited storage. AppRiver, the server we use, also includes spam filtering and a high level of business security already built in.

You’ll also enjoy connectivity with your smart devices. Synchronize your devices easily for better connectivity and optimization. We’ll be happy to help! Our expert advisors are available for a full suite of services ranging from 24/7 monitoring and support to equipment consulting and recommendations for meeting your company’s desired goals. If you’re still debating whether it’s time to make the jump into dedicated business email for your Santa Rosa company, we’ll get you set up with a 30-day trail of secure exchange hosting so you can see if it works for you. Please reach out anytime via phone at 707-395-4110 or by email at

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