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dell all in one

There are many things to consider when it comes to maintaining an efficient computer. Things like viruses, spyware, new software programs, upgrading hardware, operating systems, user settings, printers, and file sharing can be confusing and troublesome if not handled properly. Our technicians are trained to handle all of your computer needs. 

We help you choose the right computer, install vital programs, upgrade memory, improve performance, configure settings, share printers/files, transfer data from another computer, and much, much more.


dell server

There are several reasons to integrate a server into your business infrastructure. Once your business reaches a certain size (approximately 5-10 employees and above), a server is essential. Here are some reasons to use a server: 

• Centralize your information – Storing your information on local computers can cause confusion and result in lost data. A server will keep all users’ documents in one location so that everyone can locate them when needed. 

• Add Reliability – By storing all of your information in a central location, you can avoid downtime. In the event of a failure by any specific machine, all data is still accessible. 

• Grow with your business – Your current configuration is adequate for now. But, how do you handle a growing number of customers and employees? A server will allow you to expand and customize, as needed. 

• Synchronize your company – To be effective, scheduling and organization programs need to be available to all users. A server will store and distribute all of this information.


network cabling

Creating a reliable network is a necessity for all businesses. Whether your business is small (2-5 workstations) or much larger, a consistent network will increase productivity, enhance security, lower costs, create a back-up solution, and increase management control. 

Grapevine Communications is equipped to handle the entire process – including recommendations, purchasing, installation, setup, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring. 

A well-designed network is more affordable than one pieced together over the years. Grapevine Communications can design a trustworthy network that is tailored to your business needs. The final product will provide years of reliability and performance, leading to improved operations.



Grapevine Communications' 24/7 monitoring services can provide significant benefits for your information technology plan. Some of these benefits include: increased performance, reduced downtime, improved security, and less/shorter service calls. 

By proactively managing your network, we will respond before any issues become critical - such as a security breach or a server low on memory. Our technicians are notified of the issue and can quickly identify a resolution. Then, they can implement the resolution in the most efficient manner possible. Often, we will be onsite to fix your problem before you even realize there is trouble. 

We offer different levels of service, including Complete, Proactive, and Responsive packages.


points of sale systems

Point of Sale, or POS, systems are a valuable part of any retail business. They increase customer satisfaction, reduce the training period for new employees, automate processes, and control inventory. We can integrate your POS system into your network. This will improve customer data access, monitor employee actions, and keep all sales information accessible.



The first step to having a reliable and accessible infrastructure is planning for the present, as well as, the future. Grapevine Communications will work with your business to consider where you currently stand and the best method for reaching your desired objectives. We will complete a full "discovery" of your network. With this, we can advise you of any faults, along with solutions to these problems. 
We take several elements into consideration, including strategies, software, design, architecture, deployment, and training.

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